• A lot of social media apps have popped up over the last decade: Facebook, twitter. Instagram, tango linkin, whatsapp, etc, but  foniSpace is one in a million.

Wait, let me tell you why you should Download foniSpace:

  • Free and Easy account opening. Unlike other apps where one finds it very difficult to sign up due to their long procedures, fonispace makes this process very simple. After downloading the app from google play store onto your android phone for free, one can sign up simply by using an email address and a password or just your phone number where you confirm with a security code sent to your phone. A username is then accepted and profile picture uploaded. Everybody, no matter your location in the world, can create a free account.

Follow people and be followed back. After creating a foniSpace account, you can decide who you want to follow (whether you know them personally or not) and people may also decide to follow you back in other to see your posts. it’s an opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

  • Share photos, text and slideshows with background audio of your choice.The most exciting thing about foniSpace is that, you can share already taken photos or those taken directly from the app. One may decide to share Text and slideshows with our unique backgrounds with any audio of their choice from their devices. People can share, love/like, and comment on your post with either text/pictures or even voice notes. You can tag/pin people to your post if you want to draw their attention to the said post. It is the best place to sell your products.
  • Chat friends and loved ones: Fonispace allows users to meet new people and can chat privately without any third party interfering.
  • Create or join clubs. Social clubs are also available on foniSpace. You can create and join clubs/groups to share ideas and posts.
  • Share links from other sites. Users of foniSpace can share links from other websites without restriction.
  • Get verified / Easy verification. Most people find it difficult to have their accounts verified on other social media apps due to fraudulent acts by some impersonators. but on foniSpace, you can easily get verified if you send a direct message to foniSpace explaining why you should get verified.
  • Stream your radio stream live from fonispace.This is good news for radio/podcast owners to have their radio streamed directly from foniSpace by just pinning their URL to their profile. This feature accounts for the reason why you can now stream Clean FM directly from fonispace.

I am happy to inform you that Fonispace was created by a young Ghanaian called Tetteh Solomon who hails from Asutsuare in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

you can now Download  foniSpace here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zealapps.fonispace&hl=en&gl=US

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