The CEO of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown says he is going through a lot of pain because of how Musician Fameye treated him.

The Musician/artiste manager says he did a lot of dirty and ugly jobs in Italy just to make money. He also said his accident occurred four months after he had a good job, which has glued him into a wheel chair.

According to Ogidi Brown, he started doing music before he left the shores of Ghana to Italy. He thought of returning to music after the accident because he cannot freely move about on his own.

” I started again, but because of my health and my location in Europe, it didn’t work out. I later decided to create my own record label “OGB MUSIC” and invested into Fameye’s music career. We later signed a five year contract of which we agreed of a 70 : 30 percentage, which was proposed by Fameye. We both also agreed that, if he (Fameye) breaches the contract, he will pay 120% of the signed amount.

He was given 30% of any proceeds we made from shows and deals for his personal use and I also took 70% with which i pay for his music videos, promotions, food and everything that makes an artiste.

Things went well until Fameye went for a girlfriend that shot his demands above even those of my staff. I tried to advise him to desist from ladies, because it will divert his attention from our business. I again noticed some form of arrogance in him as compared to when we first met.

A year later, and after getting fame out of my investment, the “Nothing I get hit maker” decided to quit my music label, making him breach the aforementioned contract. He eventually left without paying me the breached contract value – $50,000 (Fifty thousand dollars).

I feel cheated, and after two years, he still hasn’t made any effort to pay me my money, meanwhile, he plays shows here and there , including Europe. What pains me most is that, he always makes mockery of me.

I have decided to send him to “Antoa” (a local deity) to curse him, to serve as a deterrent to other upcoming musicians. I will follow up until he is dealt with for his ungratefulness, even if I don’t make any profit, I can’t let my money go just like that and I will be here suffering.” Ogidi Brown said.

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