I don’t know you Daddy”, Kuami Eugene to his alleged father

A man named Mr. Kwesi Boakye has come out claiming kuami Eugene is his biological son.

in an interview with One Ghana Tv, Mr. Kwesi Boakye said kuami Eugene’s real name is Kofi Boakye. he said he lost contact with the “Rock Star” and his mother (Ama Wusua) when kuami was around the age of two years.

“I travelled to Akwetia to seek for greener pasture since we were having financial difficulties, his mum tried to stop me, but because things were tough, I had to go. I spent about one and half years in Akwetia, During my stay there, I couldn’t get in touch with my family because there was no means of communication then.

When I returned to my home town, I was told Kuami Eugne’s grandmother (his mother’s mother) had come for them and sent them to Oda. I tried all I could to locate them, but to no avail. During my relationship with the mum, his grandmother never liked me so I was prevented from seeing them. The fact is I have not paid her bride prize.

Around the year 2000, Ama Wusua came for a funeral in my home town, where we met after so many years, but she didn’t come with my son. when asked where my son was?, she said, the Angela hitmaker was with the uncle. I tried to contact her after she had left so I could speak with my son but still nothing positive came out of it.

in 2019, I heard rumor that my son is Kuami Eugene. I doubted it because Kuami Eugene was born on Friday, and I named him Kofi Boakye. I later did a lot of investigation that proved that the musician is really my son. I tried to contact him, but when ever I called him, he says “I don’t know you Daddy‘. and hangs up the phone on me” – Mr. Kwesi Boakye

When the alleged father of Kuami Eugene was asked if Kuami’s mother has confirmed his paternity to the young musician?, he said yes. He added that his pastor told him his son will one day come to him, so he will keep praying.

watch full interview here.

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