Ghanaian Film actor, Politician and Business guru, Mr. John Setor Dumelo has stated clearly that Ghana as a country has no excuse to fail when it comes to her agriculture development.

According to the actor, the country has tens of thousands of hectares of uncultivated lands enough to feed the citizenry and even for export to earn Ghana foreign exchange when farmed on/cultivated.

John Dumelo in Navrongo (Northern part of Ghana)

John also added that all it takes to have this done is to have short, medium and long terms agriculture plans.

“As a country, we have tens of 1000’s of hectares of uncultivated arable land enough to farm to feed ourselves and export. We have no excuse not to succeed in the Agric sector. We need a short, medium and long term Agric plan. We can do this! ” John Dumelo stated. in his facebook post.

John Setor Dumelo is is one of the few Ghanaian celebrities actively involved in agriculture investment.

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