One of the most talented female presenters you can’t go without in the Eastern Region of Ghana, ‘Ami Celestina Galley ‘ AKA Tina Baby, also known as KLO DEDE has come out to complain about the fact that, some musicians, especially the upcoming ones, do not acknowledge presenters who play / promote their songs on radio or TV.

Klo Dede made her concerns known during music stakeholders meeting with Dangme Musicians on how to make dangme music attractive to the world, when a blogger complained about how he tried to get some upcoming musicians for interview on his platform but to no avail, with the excuse that his channel was new.    

“I don’t expect them to pay me for promoting their songs on radio, but they should acknowledge it at least, instead, they turn blind eyes as if they don’t see it. I expect that when an artist sends his song to be played on any particular station, they should listen to check if its played, then immediately , you let the presenter know ,you listened and you are grateful. frankly speaking, it motivates us to do more, if we also get acknowledgement from them. But for me, I just love the fact that most of the Dangme musicians are doing well” – Tina Baby said to Bra Levels.


Klo Dede is the host of ‘Rite 90.1 FM’s mid-morning program – ‘Edwuma Mmre’ at somanya from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10 am – 12pm. She is one of the few radio presenters supporting most upcoming talents in the Eastern Region, especially the Dangme Muscians..  

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