A young Ghanaian identified as FELIX BELI GEDZAH died a few hours after he was beaten by two Togolese Soldiers for allegedly taking their sim card from their cell phone.

According to a brother who narrated the incident to Avenor TV, Felix used to ride ‘Okada’ and also served as an errand boy to these soldiers at the Ghana-Togo border who caused his death.

“I received a call from a cousin who is also called Felix, around 12 am (midnight) Tuesday who said my bother Felix Gedzah was being beaten by two Togolese soldiers. I quickly called another brother and went to the scene.

I was so shocked seeing my brother being beaten in such a merciless manner. I then asked with anger, the reasons for their actions against Felix, then I was told they gave Felix a cell phone to put on charge in the morning, but he failed to show up until that evening (about 8 pm). He came without the sim card in the phone. And couldn’t provide any explanation for it. They said Felix tried to flee when the officers started kicking and whipping him but was again arrested by them, stripped naked, and assaulted until he fell unconscious.

I was even told some Ghanaian immigration officers approached and begged the Togolese officers to let the boy go, but to no avail. I used force and took the boy from them and told them I will hold them responsible if something happened to Felix. I sat on a motorbike with him and left for the house.

At home, I bathed him and gave him porridge (coco) that night to prepare him for hospital, but he died.  

The next morning, I went to the location of the Togolese Soldiers to inform them about the outcome of their actions. They knelt down and pleaded with me not to report the issue to their authority, but I ignored them and with the help of our MCE, we reported the incident to both the Togolese and the Ghanaian Authorities. The body was conveyed to the Sylvanus Olympio CHU in Lomé for doctor observation but now brought to the police mortuary in Accra. The case is under police investigation” ‘’- Thomas {brother to Felix}

Thomas also added that the deceased has a wife and four children whom the Togolese authorities have offered to take care of.

The Ministry of Security and Civil Protection condemns this unfortunate incident and presents, on behalf of the Togolese government, its sincere condolences to the bereaved family and to all the people of Ghana. It calls on the neighboring population to remain calm and promises that all the light will be shed on this affair.

The two soldiers were placed under arrest and will be punished in accordance with the laws of the force. In addition, an investigation has been opened to shed light on the circumstances under which this death occurred.

Anyways why did Thomas not first send Felix to the Hospital rather than sending him home?

see the video below:

Two Togolese Soldiers beat a Ghanaian to death over a missing Sim Card.

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