A lady tourist who is believed to be a Togolese was attacked by one of the crocodiles in the Ave Crocodile Resort.

The victim who is currently on admission at the Dzodze Government Hospital was part of a team of (6) tourists who visited the resort. She got attacked by the crocodile when she also tried to touch it following a successful attempt by her team members.

The reptile torn her flesh at the shoulder and other parts of her body exposing her skeleton.

According to the citizens of Ave Dakpa, this is the third time an attack is being launched on tourists. speaking to some residents, they said they believe the above incident is as a result of the lack of training of the site attendants.

“The pond attendant only believes himself as a spiritualist, and doesn’t want to accept the fact that he has to go for training. He was asked to go to Paga for training but he refused” – Mr. Dzidula said.

Ave- Dakpa is the District capital of the Akatsi North District, one of the districts created in 2012 by the Attah Mills administration, The main occupation of the residents is farming.

The idea of having a crocodile pond as a tourist site came to mind when the residents noticed the presence of friendly crocodiles in an old dam which served as a source of water for the residents near the Ave Senior High School .

Ave Crocodile Resort

The place was eventually given a facelift, and was developed into a resort- AVE CROCODILE RESORT by the Akatsi North District Assembly which has become one of the tourist sites in Ghana.

Ave Crocodile Resort

The resort is becoming more popular in Ghana, attracting a lot of tourists locally and internationally and considered one of the best in the country.

watch video of how the crocodile attacked the lady at Ave Crocodile Resort

We hope that Ghana Tourism Authority, together with the Akatsi North District Assembly will put the best measures in place to prevent the above accident from happening next time.

cleanfm.org||Moses Smart Agamah

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