The year 2021 is so far, so good for most Dangme Artistes in Ghana, Talking about the music cyphers alone this year. From Ayekoo, Besu, and now Waba, one of the best hip-hop/rap songs in Ghana right now, put together by Dangme Music Awards and produced by NawtyBoi Tattoo.

‘Waba’ is a Dangme word which literally means ‘we have arrived’ features seven (7) of the best music giants from the Dangme community –(Ada, Prampram, Dodowa, Osudoku, Somanya, Afienya among others). Beginning with TiDraps, Minazy Yaazo, Black Spartan, Hardcore original, Bra Jay, Pordor Kake, and Andy Sydaking.    

To set the ball rolling, DMA20 artiste of the year, TiDraps led the team with the chorus and also opened the floor with his matchless rap style.

Minazy Yaazo who is one of the Dangme music fans’ favorite rappers from Afienya didn’t disappoint when he came in with his hasty flair of rap.

Black Spartan, the leader of the Spartan soldiers followed with some solid punches of rap.

Hardcore Original, as the name suggests, was so hard and original on ‘Waba’ when he was delivering his tongue-twisting hardcore rap.

Furthermore, Bra Jay who was recently trending on Twitter after the release of his latest single (Hook or Crook) also used this Hip-hop song to thank most DJs and Presenters who are promoting Dangme music- (Dangme Nobi, Klo Dede, Costerior, DJ Network, Dj Edem, The mask Dj, Unlawful boy, among others).

Pordor Kake reaffirmed the fact that unity brings progress, so Dangme musicians have to remain unified so as to cross boundaries with their kind of music.

Finally, visually impaired reggae Dancehall artiste, Andy Sydaking from Osudoku didn’t hesitate to drop his versatile ragga flow on ‘Waba’, though the beat was made for rap.

Cover art by: IamTattoo GH Produce by NawtyBoi Tattoo Project by: Dangme MUSIC Awards


Waba ft. (Dangme All-Stars) TiDraps, Andy Sydaking, Minazy Yaazo, Black Spartan, Bra Jay, Hardcore original, Pordor Kake and Andy Sydaking. LISTEN, DOWNLOAD AND SHARE

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