Krobo/Damgme youth lead by musician ‘the Spartan’ said politician have deceived them for so long, they make promises during elections but don’t fulfil them.

They also accused politicians of only putting up buildings for their children and grandchildren with funds allocated for development projects in their area whiles they are suffering.

“all politicians are the same, they don’t respect us the youth, they see us as fools, they come sharing Ghc50.00 when they need our votes, and we follow them, but it won’t work like that this year. We will take their money but won’t vote until we see visionary leaders. lets stand together kroboland, Osudoku and Dangmeland and fight for development for our land,” – The Spartan.

here is the video   · The Spartan – Fed Up with Krobo Politicians  · We are fed up with the deceit. The youth must unite and show these politicians that we are the ones with the Power. Share this message.

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